Fairy Glimpse

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Take a glimpse at the world of Naitmaric, where nightmarish beings roam free...attacking not so nightmarish.



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Comment from the Author

Fairy Glimpse was originally created, alongside Naitmarish Glimpse as a quick, short comic to post to attempt to get content out including my characters. They are exclusively posted on Patreon and Instagram. The versions you see linked here are embedded from Instagram. I decided to post them on the website using embedding from Instagram to make it eaiser for people who do not use Instagram (or even those who do) to read the comics. Fairy Glimpse runs as long as there is content to post.


The series was originally digitally inked & screentoned, however, it took much longer than desired. Fairy Glimpse is meant to be a rather quick series to make and post, therefore it was switched over to pencil lining & shading. Depending on your outlook, this may have downgraded the quality and makes it appear unfinished or is perfectly fine just the way it is.


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